Prediction Suzuki in MotoGP Qatar 2015

Prediction Suzuki in MotoGP Qatar 2015

The 2015 MotoGP season, suziki decided to comeback to the circuit after an absence for several years. then how will the team suzuki chances against a strong team other teams such as Honda and Yamaha and Ducati of course.

Here we can be sure the big names of suzuki team. The proof is in the results of free practice 1 qatar motogp 2015 MotoGP rider team with Alex Espargaro perform at position No. 3 fastest under Honda team.

Suzuki team also does not seem to be messing around with their decision to return to the circuit. they seem to have set up mature and perfect preparation.

By design team suzuki motorcycles have a pretty dynamic and interesting than the motor honda and yamaha. Blue color is very very pleasing to the eye

Suzuki team we should now put forth as an alternative option hero besides several other teams.

Go go suzuki.

one of the brands that enters motogp just because don't want to miss all the fun, not for further research. personally I'll put my bet on Vinales, he's fresh, probably determined. Aleix, well, he said the throttle too aggressive @ 9:00, but the truth maybe, his hands are too hype for velocity controls (throttle and brake), as shown in last season where he crashed many times because either he overseed a corner or rear tire grip loss due to over throttle...

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